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About Us

Created in 1981 at the initiave of a handful of teachers and students, UQAM's Coop quickly accomplished its primary mandate: to provide campus students with educational tools that would allow for the completion of their university career in the best conditions.

At first a single bookstore selling didactic textbooks, a complementary stationery was soon added, soon followed by a second and a third bookshops. The originally exclusive selection was growing more and more inclusive, adding to its academic scope specialized, foreign and general literature.

Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Culture, our main bookstore offers the widest choice in a wide variety of fields.

In order to meet the specific needs of the art faculty attached to UQAM, a shop dedicated to materials for artists was created, allowing students to find what they need on the spot at competitive prices.

Finally, in order to keep pace with the expectations of students, teachers and UQAM's administrative structures, Boutique Informatique was born. Through this website, you will be able to see a selection of our product lines, as well as the services we provide.


This brings us to today. Coop UQAM is made of five stores, supported by a web-based merchant site [].

From a clientele that used to span to the university community alone, Coop UQAM now welcomes anyone, ensuring to the greatest number of people a wide choice, quality service and the best prices.

Our cooperative spirit puts forward its members interests; everyone can get a lifetime subscription for $25, with no annual renewal fees. Become a member and claim discounts at each of our stores and websites. Enjoy many other benefits through our partners. [Find out here]

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